Juventus, Higuain-Sarri: what a quarrel when replacing …

Juventus, Higuain-Sarri: che lite al momento della sostituzione...

Furious Higuain with Sarri at the change of Juventus – Fiorentina (freeze frame Dazn)

TURIN – After Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala , Gonzalo Higuain was also furious with Maurizio Sarri for receiving a replacement during the championship match between Juventus and Fiorentina . Sarri tried to explain his reasons but the Argentine didn't listen to him. These "cases" do not spoil the team's performance given that Juventus are first in the standings with more three on Inter and more five on Lazio.

The dispute between Sarri and Higuain does not distract Juventus, 3-0 at Fiorentina with a brace by Cristiano Ronaldo on a penalty kick.

The match. Despite the dispute between Higuain and Sarri, Juve still won three to zero against Fiorentina. The match was decided by Cristiano Ronaldo's brace, on a penalty kick, and by the marking by De Ligt.

After the match, Commisso protested against the referee saying: “He has decided the game, Juve has a squad of three hundred million euros, he does not need these favors to win the games. I am disgusted, just junk food. Then we don't complain if they look bad at our football abroad … ".

Nedved criticized Rocco Commisso for his statements on the Juventus-Fiorentina referee: “Commisso has all my respect, but I must say that the referees' apology with Juventus is being used a little too much. He should have tea before saying certain things …

It is said that Juve does not win with merit, we are quite tired of this, because Juve gets results playing well, doing everything on the field to win. So we have to stop when playing against Juve to be an alibi ".

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