Juventus, half of Italy has cheered on Ajax. The other almost does not deserve Juve

Juventus fuori dalla Champions, mezza Italia ha tifato Ajax. L'altra quasi non si merita la Juve

Juventus, half of Italy has cheered on Ajax. The other almost does not deserve Juve (photo Ansa)

ROME- Juventus, half of Italy has supported Ajax: it is as true as it is barely concealed. It is not official but it is real, from Rome to Naples there was a reflection yesterday evening with every means and platform. By voice, via smartphone, via e-mail, old text messages, contemporary chat whatsapp … A reflection on Juventus defeated and eliminated: we always say never a joy, tonight we understood that it is not true. Already, in Rome and Naples football the expression "never a joy" is custom, language, feeling. A joy in Rome and Naples football last night.

And ask Milan how the elimination of Juve took the fans of Inter and Milan, a smile and nudge each other. In Florence, the typhoid viola experienced an evening of full satisfaction. And it is not that Genoa and Sampdoria lovers mourned in Genoa. Half Italy or almost cheered Ajax, he cheered at Ajax's draw, greeted with a "go" the second goal of the Dutch. And he was supporting Ajax not because the Amsterdam team was playing which is a pleasure to see her, she was supporting, she was supporting Ajax to cheer against Juve. To see Ronaldo black in the face, to hear the Stadium silenced, to see Nedved head bowed. Let's face it, a bit to avenge and take revenge for Juventus' dominance at home.

Half of Italy or almost or more has supported the team that played against Juventus in the somewhat hypocritical silence of the news. Anti-Juventus supporters are as popular as love for Juventus. Feeling officially clandestine but circulating, and how if it circulates. Half of Italy or almost to the end, Juve-Ajax was breathing a sigh of relief: this year too, Champions at Juve avoided.

The other Italy, the one that supported Juventus, the one who loves and follows Juventus, the one that gathers far more fans and fans than any other team, the one that supports the team that won more and more than the others Italian is undoubtedly stronger … the other Italy Juve almost does not deserve it. Or at least not immediately after game.

With lucid sporting dignity, management and coach (Agnelli and Allegri ) recognized the merit of Ajax and ended it there. With the obvious and necessary addition of the we will try again next year. With irrational and disjointed whimpering, there were many voices of experts and the voices of social media to shout at treason and sacrilege. A sports public opinion (only sport ..?) Badly educated to claim victory as an acquired right and contract obligation and down to decline "Bankruptcy", "Fine", "Tragedy". Net of the now dominant trend to the drama, net of a communication and language now structurally inflated to verbal steroids (always the same, and always less, the words available to communicators approach dangerously close to the threshold of 200, the one that attests a substantial de-literacy) Juventus a football failure? Juventus with fruit and everything to be redone?

Juventus lost a match, or rather a knockout qualification against a stronger team in the two round-trip matches and did not pass the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Barcelona stopped three times in a row in the quarterfinals. Do they appear to have failed as a team and a company? At Paris Saint Germain with the metro of Juventus failed yesterday evening they have to do, commit suicide? With this meter, if you qualify, will Milan or Inter or Roma in the Champions League not even have to present next year? The other Italy, the one that supports Juventus, the one that says it speaks on behalf of the Juventus feeling, in the evening like this Juventus almost doesn't deserve it.

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