Juventus Football Market, Romero goal. Sturaro towards Genoa

Calciomercato Juventus, obiettivo Romero. Sturaro verso Genoa

Juventus Football Market, Romero goal. Sturaro towards Genoa ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA

GENOA – At the Sky Sport microphones, before the Ferraris match between Genoa and Milan, the Genoa General Manager Giorgio Perinetti took stock of the rossoblù transfer market. He has not only talked about the now passing Piatek to Milan, but also about the current affair with Juventus that should bring Romero to Juventus and Sturaro in rossoblù.

What are the details?

Speaking of Piatek, the details certainly can not make them public. We had a chat, there are some situations that we must approach on many aspects. So, let's see if this is possible. Then, the substitute, if you really go away, let's see. Meanwhile, we want to strengthen the midfield, we have a market also on entry, even if the Piatek affair does not make it clear. We want to bring Sturaro, we are close to concluding with Juventus. Then, if there is an opportunity we will see what the market will offer to replace Piatek.

Romero at Juventus?

One day … Juve is the one that has moved better. Of course, this year he plays with us, next year he plays with us and then we'll see later.

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