Juventus-Eriksen, United’s competition is to beat. Inter in “rescue” of Manchester

Juventus-Eriksen, c'è da battere la concorrenza dello United. Inter in "soccorso" del Manchester

Juventus-Eriksen, United's competition is to beat. Inter in "rescue" of Manchester. Photo EPA / ANDY RAIN

TURIN – Juventus pressing on Eriksen . The bianconeri thought that Eriksen went to Real Madrid but after the blancos announced Hazard, they understood that the Danish playmaker is still on the market. Both Juventus and Manchester United have thrown themselves headlong on Eriksen.

From this point of view, Inter came to the rescue of United. What do you mean? In the sense that the Nerazzurri are about to take Lukaku and in this way the English club gets rid of a very heavy engagement. The wage space left by Lukaku could be occupied by Eriksen or by a player of equal level.

Eriksen believes he has reached the maximum at Tottenham and would like to move to another club to find new motivations. Tottenham asks for 110 million euros for Eriksen but the player will expire in 2020 . As a result the English club will have to lower its economic claims in order not to lose it to zero soon.

Juventus has some cards to play to get to the Danish phenomenon. First of all take part in the next Champions League with ambitions to win it, which Manchester United cannot do because it is qualified only for the Europa League, secondly it has the most popular footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, and is moving a lot better on the transfer market, the bianconeri have already taken Ramsey and are a step away from Rabiot.

The rich salary of Eriksen should not represent a problem for Juventus because it is in line with the needs of his mountain engagement. Eriksen is thinking about it well because he doesn't want to fail his next destination. The Danish midfielder wants to win the Champions League, a dream that has only touched on the ranks of Tottenham. Eriksen could be the icing on the cake of the Bianconeri market.

The Juventus-Eriksen article , there is to beat the United competition. Inter in Manchester "rescue" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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