Juventus-Empoli, a child wins a ball kicked in the stands

Juventus-Empoli, bambino conquista pallone calciato sugli spalti. VIDEO

Juventus-Empoli, a child wins a ball kicked in the stands. VIDEO

TORINO – The first half of Juventus-Empoli did not give emotions on the pitch but showed a nice curtain on the stands of the Allianz Stadium. A small Juventus fan, who was at the stadium with his father, picked up a ball kicked in the stands by the Bianconeri. The boy rejoiced showing the ball as a trophy, his conquest made a rather boring game unforgettable. The child was readily framed by Sky cameras and many users decided to publish the video on social networks to praise the Juventus baby fan.

Juventus-Empoli, a child takes the ball into the stands

To spoil this idyllic climate, the steward has thought that, in doing his duty, he asked the child to return the ball immediately. The child had no intention of giving up the ball and Dad smiled at the steward to ask him to please his son.

What do you want an extra ball or a ball less for Juventus? Anything. For that child it was instead an object to be preserved forever. There was nothing to do, the steward demanded the ball and the father returned it without further resistance. This epilogue was told by Sky Sport commentators on live TV.

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