Juventus, Dybala puts an ax of war: “Thanks Allegri, you taught me to win”

Juventus, Dybala ripone ascia di guerra: "Grazie Allegri, mi hai insegnato a vincere"

Juventus, Dybala puts an ax of war: "Thanks Allegri, you taught me to win" (photo Ansa)

TURIN – They slaughtered themselves all year round but at the time of Massimiliano Allegri's farewell they decided to put away the hatchet. Paulo Dybala greeted the Livorno technician through Instagram. The Argentine number ten thanked Allegri for teaching him to win. Dybala enchanted with the Palermo shirt but it was in Turin that he started putting trophies on the bulletin board.

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Juventus, here is Paulo Dybala's Instagram post to greet Allegri.

"Thank you, mister, for these magnificent 4 years where you have taught me above all to win! I wish you the best wherever you go! ". Paulo Dybala thus greets Massimiliano Allegri on Twitter. Words of esteem and affection, which seem to deny the rumors about the not always idyllic relationship between the two with the coach who in recent years has not hesitated when it was the case to send him to the bench or tease him at the press conference.

Allegri wanted to stay but Juve decided to send him away. He did it elegantly anyway with a tear-free press conference. A shirt with the word "history alone" and the number 5, like the badges won on the Juventus bench in as many championships. It is the gift that President Andrea Agnelli gave to the technician at the press conference after the formalization of the farewell (source: Ansa).

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