Juventus, De Ligt arrive and Bonucci leaves? Psg in pressing

Juventus, De Ligt arriva e Bonucci parte? Psg in pressing

Juventus, De Ligt arrive and Bonucci leaves? Psg in pressing.

TURIN – For a great player who arrives, De Ligt , another could leave Juventus, Leonardo Bonucci. For the central of the Italian national team it would be the second farewell to Juventus in a few years. Last summer he returned to Juventus after a negative spell in Milan. The fans whistled at him during the first games after his return to the base but with the passing of the months they have forgiven him.

Now Bonucci could leave Juventus again but this time by choice of the club. De Ligt arrives and the Ajax school champion is destined to play the title alongside Giorgio Chiellini. Undoubtedly Juventus has many matches because it is involved in three competitions but Bonucci would leave as a reserve.

In the case of Bonucci's farewell, Juventus would still have many level defenders. Chiellini and De Ligt would be the owners but there would also be alternative options like Rugani, a defender who has been wearing Juventus for years, and Merih Demiral, a footballer who showed excellent qualities at the time of Sassuolo.

In the case of goodbye, Bonucci would already have a club ready to welcome him with open arms. This is the Paris Saint Germain. The French are moving on the transfer market to improve the backlog package.

The goals of Paris Saint Germain are two players who play in the Italian Serie A soccer championship. The first is Leonardo Bonucci of Juventus, the second is Gigio Donnarumma of Milan. Buffon left the team and Paris Saint Germain would like to replace him with another extreme Italian international defender.

The arrival of Donnarumma at Paris Saint Germain is made possible by the difficult economic situation of Milan. Bonucci would be easily accepted if the reigning Italian champion really let him go.

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