Juventus-Brescia. Dybala, sparks with the fans after the goal: “Enough whistles”

Juventus-Brescia. Dybala, scintille con i tifosi dopo il gol: "Basta fischi"

Juventus-Brescia, bickering between Dybala and the Juventus fans after his goal: "Enough whistles" (photo Ansa)

TURIN – Juventus won against Brescia and, pending Lazio-Inter, returned alone to the top of the championship standings but some Juventus fans did not like the team's performance and booed it during today's match against Brescia.

Dybala discusses with the fans after the Juventus-Brescia goal: "Enough whistles".

Dybala , who is the team leader in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, had a lot to say with his fans after scoring the goal that unlocked the match. The Argentine striker turned to the Juventus fans who were whistling the team with a rather clear gesture: "Enough whistles".

In fact, after this gesture by Dybala, the whistles against the team have diminished and have practically disappeared after the goal of doubling Cuadrado. After Giorgio Chiellini's return to the field, there was only applause for the reigning Italian champion team.

Juve will not be shining from the point of view of the game but it is still running on three fronts. In the Champions League, he is preparing to play the round of 16 against Lyon after winning the group. He is first in the league, in the Italian Cup he has ample opportunity to qualify for the final after drawing the first leg in Milan. A respectable route plan.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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