Juventus-Bologna, Buffon: Santander’s miraculous parade upside down at 94 ′

Juventus Bologna Buffon parata 94' rovesciata Santander miracolosa

Juventus Bologna, the miraculous parade of Buffon at 94 ′

TURIN – Juve beat Bologna and consolidated their lead in the standings in Serie A with four more on Inter but that effort against Mihajlovic's team … Cristiano Ronaldo's and Pjanic's goals were decisive but also Buffon's miraculous parade to 94 ′ on an inverted Santander. After the crossbar struck by Santander himself, the ball returned to the Bologna striker who looked for the goal with a spectacular overturn. He would have succeeded if Buffon hadn't been in the door. The former PSG goalkeeper took his shot from under the crossbar giving the three points to the bianconeri.

Juventus-Bologna, the chronicle of the Stadium match.

The Serie A, Juve faces the evening advance against Bologna with Buffon; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Khedira, Pjanic, Rabiot; Bernardeschi; Higuain and Ronaldo. The Bologna, with Mihajlovic on the bench, aims at Skorupski; Mbaye, Danilo, Bani, Krejci; Poli, Soriano, Svanberg; Orsolini, Palacio and Sansone.

Juventus ahead at 20 '. Goal number 701 in career for Cristiano Ronaldo, 33rd with the bianconeri! A violent right and low on the first post that mockery Skorupski. Conclusion game from the center right of the penalty area. Juve ahead 1-0.

Bologna drew at 26 'thanks to a great goal from Danilo! Super conclusion on the fly from the left center of the area. Right-footed kick that goes very hard at the far post, unstoppable for Buffon.

A statistical pill of Sky Sport after the network suffered by Juventus. In 4 of the 5 games in which Juventus conceded goals in this league, the goal came with the first shot in the opposing mirror (with the exception of Napoli).

Two yellow cards so far, the one taken by Samson on 22 ′ and the one trimmed by the referee Irrati to Rabiot on 29 ′. The first half ended on the result of one to one, Danilo responded to Cristiano Ronaldo.

At 53 ′, Skorupski's miraculous parade on a sure-shot header by Cristiano Ronaldo. The Polish goalkeeper deflected over the crossbar. A minute later, Juventus returned to the lead with Miralem Pjanic. The action came from a ball lost by Bologna, Cristiano Ronaldo kicked towards the door but was walled up. The ball came to Pjanic who beat Skorupski with a fine shot from the right.

At 74 ', Skorupski said no to Higuain with a big parade on a sudden conclusion by the Argentine attacker. At 94 ', Bologna came close to two by two, a cross from Santander from close range. It's over, Juve beat Bologna and flew to four on Inter.

Juventus Bologna Buffon parade 94 'overturned Santander miraculous

Juventus Bologna, the miraculous parade of Buffon at 94 ′

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