Juventus, another slap: Ajax’s lesson costs 20% less on the stock market

Juventus, another slap: the Ajax lesson costs 20% less on the stock market

Juventus, another slap: the Ajax lesson costs 20% less on the stock market

ROME – Juventus, defeated in the Champions League , returned to trading on the Stock Exchange and now sells 19% to 1.3 euros. On the Amsterdam list, meanwhile, the Aiax, which came out with a 2 to 1 victory in the match against Juventus, runs with an increase of 9.91% to 18.8 euros. Juventus had entered trade for a few moments at Piazza Affari, marking a fall of 24% before the stock was stopped at auction due to excess prices. To say, this morning, at the debut, the Juve title burned 500 million euros of capitalization, falling from 1.7 billion to 1.3.

The financial downside is accompanied by the great disappointment of the 40,000 fans who rushed to the Stadium yesterday and the millions of fans around the world: the arrival last summer of Cristiano Ronaldo, who also impressed his brand yesterday, reaching 129 goals in the Champions League , apart from exorcisms and sporting precautions, it meant for everyone the real possibility of finally returning to raise the big-eared cup after the last success of 23 years ago, ironically against the spearmen of Amsterdam.

The terrible kids heirs of the great Ajax tradition are the real big surprise having lined up at home their battleships like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and precisely Juventus: thanks to them, as Andrea Agnelli rightly recognized immediately by putting his face first after the burning but undeniable defeat. That for the president does not obscure the fact that Juventus has been stable among the top eight in Europe for five years: a legitimate goal and satisfaction, but then why buy a 33-year-old star with a 100 million card and a salary from 58 million gross a year? (source: Ansa)

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