Juventus, all the names for the post Allegri: Inzaghi, Pochettino, Deschamps, Sarri, De Zerbi and Conte

Juventus, tutti i nomi per il dopo Allegri: Inzaghi, Pochettino, Deschamps, Sarri, De Zerbi e Conte

Juventus, all the names for the post Allegri: Inzaghi, Pochettino, Deschamps, Sarri, De Zerbi and Conte. Photo ANSA / CLAUDIO PERI

TURIN – Castings have started for the post Massimiliano Allegri . Juventus is a company that never looks behind but always ahead and that is why it is already at work to replace the technician who won the last five championships. Goodbye and thanks to Allegri, now it's time to plan the future. In this hour, the Juventus executives are probing different tracks and then they will choose the best profile to win in Italy but also in Europe. A coach who knows how to win but who also knows how to entertain the fans with a sparkling and modern game.

Juventus, all the candidates for the reigning Italian champions.

SIMONE INZAGHI – The Lazio coach likes Allegri a lot. In recent years he has managed to make Lazio play well and win trophies such as the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup despite no one considering the biancocelesti able to reach these prestigious goals.

MAURICIO POCHETTINO – The Tottenham coach was considered the ideal in the case of no Guardiola (who promptly arrived) but his economic demands are really out of the market. The Argentine wants to earn twenty million euros per season and Juventus is not willing to satisfy him.

DIDIER DESCHAMPS – Returning the reigning world champion coach to Turin would not be a bad business card, but Didier has no intention of leaving the prestigious French national football team.

MAURIZIO SARRI – The coach likes Andrea Agnelli very much, while neither Nedved nor Paratici is convinced because they consider him a "handsome guy who doesn't dance". That is, his teams play well but win little or nothing. This year Sarri could deny them by raising the Europa League.

ROBERTO DE ZERBI – This would be a genuine bet but Arrigo Sacchi, one of Allegri's most severe critics, is doing everything to convince the Juventus management to focus on this technician with innovative ideas.

ANTONIO CONTE – We mention it only because it would make false papers to return to Turin. But Andrea Agnelli has no intention of resuming it so it makes little sense to include him among the Juventus bench candidates. It is more like a self-nomination.

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