Juventus, Agnelli vs. Report: “Superga Banners? Never let in. Those who support it say the false “

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Juventus, Agnelli vs. Report: "Superga Banners? Never let in. Those who support it say the false "

TURIN – Andrea Agnelli rejects the allegation, revealed during the broadcast report last Monday, that Juventus has somehow encouraged the introduction of banners with shameful references to the Superga tragedy in the derby on 23 February 2014.

At the beginning of the Shareholders' Meeting that will approve the 2017-18 budget, the Juventus president explained: "A proper clarification is necessary, a TV broadcast has brought attention to facts concerning the company's relationship with the ultra. It is good to remember that our society has been sanctioned by sporting justice for having sold tickets in a number higher than the Pisanu law (which provides for a maximum of 4 coupons, while Juventus sold to far larger groups more blocks, ed) and because the security officer D'Angelo has favored unauthorized entry into the derby. With respect to those facts I want to underline how Juventus today respects the sales procedure in a rigorous way and can not accept that it insinuates that the company is connected in some way to bagarinaggio, moreover Alessandro D'Angelo has not favored the introduction of banners that I have called "rogue" about the tragedy on Superga, not only I say it but the proof of the sport justice and the fact that those responsible for those banners were brought to justice and convicted as confessors. Every other affirmation is false and it would be time for those who express themselves on these facts to take account of the sentences ".

The Juventus article , Agnelli vs. Report: "Superga Banners? Never let in. Who claims it says the fake " seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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