Juve, the failure of Allegri: with Cristiano Ronaldo he won less than the other years

Juve, il fallimento di Allegri: con Cristiano Ronaldo ha vinto meno degli altri anni

Juve, Allegri's failure: with Cristiano Ronaldo he won less than the other years (Ansa)

TURIN – A thunderous failure . After four consecutive league titles and two Champions League finals lost to stronger opponents like Barcelona and Real Madrid, Allegri had earned a team to win the Champions League. This year, Juventus had not signed up for the Champions League to take part and maybe get to the bottom, this year the Bianconeri participated to win .

The purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo imposed success in Europe. Juventus was so highly rated that at the beginning of the season many experts considered it capable of winning the "Triplete" and instead the "Vecchia Signora" managed to do worse than in previous years. In the year in which he bought the best soccer player in the world.

An absurd paradox, which makes noise and which inevitably puts Massimiliano Allegri's technical management in the sights . Did you make the right choices? Many times, his turnover has not convinced , as he has not convinced his choices in the key games of the season. Of course, he was not helped by the many injuries that hit the team but it is inconceivable to end the season with the "misery" of a championship.

Allegri was humiliated in the Coppa Italia , where he came out losing 3-0 against Atalanta, and greeted the Champions League against a team like Ajax which was significantly lower, at least on paper, than Juventus. Allegri will have to settle for the fifth consecutive championship, the eighth for Juventus. An extremely prestigious milestone, but it failed in any case because Juventus' goal was to return to winning in Europe.

She did not need Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Scudetto, which she had managed for seven years, they bought the strongest player on the planet to triumph in Europe after 23 long years. Allegri did not succeed, Allegri worsened the performance of previous seasons. At the end of the match, president Agnelli confirmed it for next season as well, saying "He has another year on contract" but confidence in the Tuscan coach seems to have fallen to historic lows and twists and turns in the next few days cannot be ruled out.

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