Juve suffers but wins in Bologna, 1-0 signed Dybala. Samson’s pole at 92 ‘

Bologna-Juventus 0-1, Dybala entra in campo e sblocca il match

Bologna-Juventus 0-1, Dybala enters the field and decides the match

BOLOGNA – Serie A , match valid for the Italian soccer championship. Bologna-Juventus 0-1, goal: Paulo Dybala 66 '.
After the heavy setback in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid, Juventus back to success in the league. For over an hour, the Bianconeri were in trouble against a Bologna full of determination and race but then they managed to win the match thanks to Helander's defensive blunder that allowed the new entrant Dybala to score a penalty in motion. Before the Argentinian network, Bologna had gone close to scoring with Samson and Santander. At 92 ', the Bologna has touched a draw with Mattia Perin who was very good at deviating a fireball Samson on the pole. A precious success for Massimiliano Allegri's team to turn the page after the defeat of the Wanda Metropolitano and to further mortgage the Scudetto. Ko heavy for Bologna that continues to play well but to collect a few points for too many mistakes in the conclusion phase. The rossoblù remain entangled in the fight not to recede.

Bologna-Juventus 0-1, the highlights

94 'Final whistle Juventus won in Bologna thanks to a goal by Dybala.

92 'Bologna pole! Perin has deviated a Samson fireball from the distance on the wood.

66 '- Juventus ahead. Cross from the left of Matuidi, awkward from Helander and Dybala's winning left from two steps.

56 '- Mbaye devours the advantage. On the bank of Santander, he put a life to kick and allowed Bonucci to reject his conclusion from two steps to Perin practically beaten.

53 '- Still Samson! Bologna's half-point is sowing panic in Juventus defense. His conclusion to the net was rejected in a corner by Leonardo Bonucci.

45 '- Juventus suffering in Bologna but is still zero to zero at the interval.

42 '- Pulgar's shot, Juventus goalkeeper Mattia Perin refused with his fists because he did not trust his grip. Bianconeri in trouble in this first half.

32 '- Juventus's first acute. Bernardeschi dribbles Poli and kicks with the left. The ball came out of a breath.

28 '- Still Bologna! Santander turns from a true striker, freeing himself from the mark of Leonardo Bonucci, but his right-footed bolted out of a breath.

11 '- Bologna near the advantage. Sudden conclusion of Samson. Perin remains still and the ball comes out of a breath. What a fright for Juventus.

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The Juve article suffers but wins in Bologna, 1-0 signed by Dybala. Samson's pole at 92 ' seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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