Juve returns to 4 over Lazio, 3-1 to Genoa with the magic of Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo

GENOA – Serie A, Genoa-Juventus 1-3, goals: Dybala 50 ', Cristiano Ronaldo at 55', Douglas Costa at 73 'and Andrea Pinamonti at 75'.

Juventus keep Lazio at a distance. The bianconeri won in Genoa and returned to plus 4 on the team coached by Simone Inzaghi.

The bianconeri dominated the game far and wide. The first half ended from zero to zero only for the miraculous saves of ex Perin on Cristiano Ronaldo's shots.

In the second half, Juve collected what was sown in the first half. The three goals of the bianconeri were wonderful.

Dybala scored at the edge of the net after a serpentine between two opponents, Ronaldo scored with a right-footed fireball from outside the penalty area and Douglas Costa went on the net with a brushstroke under the intersection of the posts.

In the final game, Genoa scored the flag with one of the few shots in the mirror of Juventus' goal. Magic also for the baby Pinamonti with dribbling on Cuadrado and stone under the crossbar.

Juve remains the favorite for the Scudetto but Lazio is still in the running.

Genoa-Juventus 1-3, Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo always score.

Juventus must respond to Lazio's victory on the Turin pitch. The first scoring opportunity was created by Bernardeschi . His shot was repelled with Perin's feet in the 12th minute.

Two minutes later, on the 14th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo fired a fireball which was punched away by Perin. Always and only Cr7. His shot from the edge of the penalty area, at 17 ', was blocked in two times by the goalkeeper of Genoa.

At 35 ', Juventus sought the goal by airways. Rabiot's header was blocked skillfully by Perin on the ground. The last scoring chance of the first half was created by Juventus.

Cristiano Ronaldo's powerful shot was deflected for a corner by Perin. Juve dominated during the first half but the result is still firm from zero to zero.

Juventus ahead at the start of the second half. Dybala dribbled past Behrami and scored with his left foot, close to the post, before Masiello managed to intervene on a slip.

Five minutes later, at 55 ', Cristiano Ronaldo ended the game with a stone from the right from outside the penalty area. The Genoa players have made the mistake of letting him kick undisturbed.

Juventus definitively closed the games at 73 '. Douglas Costa started from the right, centralized and started a magical left that ended his race under the intersection of the posts.

Genoa scored the flag net at 75 'with Pinamonti (a player who is in the sights of the Juventus transfer market). The rossobl├╣ forward dribbled Cuadrado and beat Szczesny with a powerful shot under the crossbar.

Juventus won in Genoa and returned to more four on Lazio second in the standings.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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