Juve-Milan, Ronaldo case: furious at the change, he returns to the locker room and leaves the stadium before the end of the game

Cristiano Ronaldo furioso sostituzione Juventus Milan video YouTube

Cristiano Ronaldo returns to the locker room after the change in Juventus Milan (from YouTube)

TURIN – Second consecutive substitution for Cristiano Ronaldo . Also this time Ronaldo, who was among the worst in the field , did not accept the change and returned directly to the locker room in protest instead of remaining on the bench with the rest of the team to incite his teammates on the pitch. After taking a shower , Ronaldo left the stadium and the game was still in progress . Sarri got it right as Dybala , who entered the field in place of Cr7, decided the match against Milan with an absolute star.

Ronaldo is 34 years old and he is not at his best from a physical point of view yet he was never replaced by Sarri before the Moscow race. Evidently the former Real Madrid footballer would like it to be forbidden to replace him but he too can leave the field if he is not in a position to help his teammates.

Allegri had used it very well from this point of view but with Sarri the situation is different. Perhaps the Juventus coach would expect another attitude from a player of the Portuguese experience, but tonight he had to collect a reaction similar to that of Moscow.

In the Champions League, Sarri had replaced him in the 81st minute, making him skip just nine minutes. The Portuguese had not taken it well and had come out of the field, striking Sarri with a dirty look. The former Chelsea coach had tried to dismantle the case by saying that Ronaldo was not angry with him but with the physical problem he had accused that had not allowed him to perform at his best.

Tonight Ronaldo started as a new owner, evidently he had eliminated this physical problem and was considered perfectly fit to play the match. Cr7 had been preferred to both Dybala and Douglas Costa, players who had come from great performances in the Champions League compared to him. Dybala had decided the first leg against the Russians, while Douglas Costa had decided on the return match.

Despite the confidence shown by Sarri towards Cristiano Ronaldo, at the time of his change, at 54 ′, the Portuguese shook his head and addressed Portuguese sentences towards the bench. Then he went directly to the locker room without stopping on the bench with the rest of the team.

After his exit from the field, Juve started to play well and found the net of victory with a great play by Dybala, who entered Cr7's place. These primadonna behaviors are harmful to the group, tonight, in Juve-Milan, the Cristiano Ronaldo case broke out. Now it's up to Juventus to make it back in the best possible way.

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