Juve-Inter: enemies since … Scudetti, Calciopoli and foul on Ronaldo

Juve-Inter: enemies since ... Scudetti, Calciopoli and foul on Ronaldo

Juve-Inter: enemies since … Scudetti, Calciopoli and foul on Ronaldo

ROME – Twenty years later, like a novel by Dumas father, from one Ronaldo to another, from the real one, the phenomenon with vulnerable knees like Achilles the heel, Cristiano, a world brand, grinds goals and money under the dazzling sign CR7: Juventus and Inter, this evening in the impregnable Stadium of Turin, challenge each other in the 234th act of a duel that lasts for 109 years and which has given prowess and above all administered poisons. Calciopoli, referees, psychological subjection, cardboard badges , table victories, bus bats …

The story swallows the news, given that today the two companies go hand in hand and that Juventus has earned 40 points out of 42 available: Inter does not remain to play not to go to -14, for pride and a pitiful lie which affects everyone, pretend that the championship is not filed before the end of the first leg.

The foul on Ronaldo . 20 years ago the most famous whistling penalty foul in the history of Italian football. April 26, 1998: Inter and Juve are playing the Scudetto, a Del Piero goal in Turin, then Iuliano extends Ronaldo launched but Ceccarini continues to save a Juventus penalty in the same action that Del Piero misses. "It was a shame, I already said that day and I did not know everything else yet," says Ronaldo il Fenomeno.

Calciopoli and scudetti . Everything else would have come out with the 2006 investigation that uncovered the pandora vase of the arbitration conditions, of the incursions of Moggi in the dressing room of the whistle on duty, of the trials, of the relegation of the relegation of the Bianconeri in Serie B, and of the so all fans splashed the immaculate image of the captain Interista Facchetti. Result two badges taken away from Juventus, one unassigned, the other delivered to rivals ever, at Inter. Scudetto cardboard say the Juventus, who will continue to show the symbols of those who took away as nothing had happened.

Infinite Derby d'Italia . The rivalry was born in the '30s when the Ambrosiana tries in vain to oppose the Juventus five-year period. The Rubicon between rivalry and resentment goes beyond 1961: a table victory at Inter for a suspended match but the FIGC is chaired by Umberto Agnelli and the Caf orders the repetition. Moratti sends the Primavera and Juve wins 9-1. There are the challenges between the Inter of Helenio Herrera and the working Juve of Heriberto who wins the 1967 Scudetto on Sarti's duck in Mantua. The volcano rests 30 years except for a shock in 1983: the coach of Inter is taken to brick , the 3-3 in the field turns into 0-2.

In 2002 furious were Juventus for a tie of Vieri at 95 'after a foul by Toldo on Buffon . In 2005 Inter won in Turin but De Santis does not see the forbidden shots between Cordoba and Ibra , punished with the TV test. Juve di Capello wins the Scudetto that is awarded to Inter. In August Inter won the Super Cup after a regular goal canceled by De Santis in Trezeguet. When he returns to A la Juve he wins 2-1 at San Siro, but the advantage of Camoranesi is offside .

Mourinho arrives and dedicates the first anti-referee outburst to Saccani after a Juve-Inter 2-1 with Melo's goal in offside, racist insults to Balotelli and a closed-door shift. After the 'triplete' touches first to Conte and then to Allegri, and Juve rastrella badges, but must collect a 3-1 in 2012 with the errors of Tagliavento that validates a goal from Vidal with Asamoah offside and does not hunt Lichtsteiner.

When Mancini returns, Inter continue his black series in the Italian Cup too: Palacio makes a mistake from the penalty spot and frustrates the 3-0 recovery on the pitch. Two years ago there was the 2-1 at San Siro, one of the rare smiles of De Boer with a victory signed by Icardi and Perisic. On his return, Cuadrado decides against an Inter started in seventh place. But the results of last year confirm that now with Spalletti is another thing : equal to the first leg and strong emotions on the return with Inter leading 2-1 and mocking overtaking in the final 3 '. Inter is back competitive and Juve will find bread for its sharp teeth.

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