Juve disappoints in the derby, fans against Allegri on social media: “To be exempted immediately”

Juve delude nel derby, tifosi contro Allegri sui social: "Da esonerare subito"

Juve disappoints in the derby, fans against Allegri on social media: "To exonerate immediately". Photo ANSA / ANGELO CARCONI

TURIN – Juventus disappointing in the derby . The bianconeri risked losing and were saved only by a magic by Cristiano Ronaldo who set the final result on one by one. The Juventus fans were disappointed by the team's performance and pointed the finger at Allegri, who was considered the main responsible for the failed triumph in the Champions League.

Juventus disappointing in the derby, the fans on social media: "Allegri out".

Here are some comments posted on social networks by Juventus fans. He writes: "Massimiliano Allegri who in the first year of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus extinguishes all enthusiasm .. he who cancels himself from the social network to become the misunderstood victim and martyr but is smarter than a fox … it is surely your coach my no …. ". Lorenzo writes: "" I will use the last games to do experiments "Maybe to see if Juve can play worse! Well … ".

Joya writes: "At Juve, an Allegri is no longer enough and he, like the company, should understand it. We need to change in order to improve, but we must also thank the coach for these 5 years of victories. " Enry writes: “on the one hand I would hope in the next games in bad figures at least @andagn is convinced to hunt Allegri. on the other hand, it still makes me lose forever. ".

Tino is clear: "I hope it goes via #Allegri". Ass Faye is very tough: "Enough with Allegri if he were a gentleman he should ask him to leave enough the cycle with him is over we don't pretend to nothing it's time to change enough #AllegriOut". 4-3-3 writes: "I remember Allegri in an interview when he coached Cagliari" Mourinho is only lucky because he trains great clubs, if I go to a big club I win the Chiampions on the first attempt "we saw  ".

Ernesto even criticizes him for the prepartita: "#Allegri arrives at the Stadium and keeps his hands in his pockets so as not to give five to the fans. A really unbearable attitude, then he goes to Fazio to be nice and moralizing. I hope #Adani can resume it for his unacceptable way of doing it. "

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