Junior Cally signs for Fiumicino Calcio: the rapper will play in Promotion

Junior Cally firma per il Fiumicino Calcio: il rapper giocherà in Promozione

Junior Cally signs for Fiumicino Calcio: the rapper will play in Promotion

ROME – Surprise announcement of Fiumicino Calcio 1926, a club that plays in group A of the Lazio promotion championship. The company that currently occupies the first place in the standings has registered Antonio Signore , better known as Junior Cally .

Fiumicino has shown the market hit on social media. For the 1991 class it is not the first football experience of his life, since in the past he also played in the Focene.

This is the note from Fiumicino Calcio to announce the Junior Cally hit: “A nice substantial novelty has just arrived at Garbaglia. An idea this time not given birth by the ever volcanic president Simone Munaretto, but by the person directly concerned, towards whom in the previous days the same rossoblù number 1 had shown appreciation. Soon it will be a new element of the squad available to Luigi Di Ruocco Junior Cally, the rapper fresh from the Sanremo show with his "No Thanks" he throws the mask and declares his love for football. After having played with Focene a few seasons ago, he chose Fiumicino to relaunch himself on the green lawn, finding an agreement with the company. A choice born to fill even more the Desideri that, despite the results of Benedetti and his companions, is unable to offer the rossoblù that public frame they deserve. The debut for Antonio Signore (his name at the registry office) is scheduled for February 23 at Desideri when there will be a direct clash with Tolfa. Attacker born in 1991, we will see when the coach decides to cut out a space for him ”. (source FACEBOOK)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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