Jozy Altidore: “UFOs exist, there are videos that prove it”

TORONTO (CANADA) – Do aliens exist or not ? Josmer Volmy Altidore, better known as Jozy Altidore, provides an answer .

The Toronto center forward, who is also a pillar of the US national team , firmly believes in the existence of UFOs.

For years Altidore has published videos on its social profiles that would demonstrate the existence of aliens .

According to the American center forward, one should not think only of the coronavirus but also of the UFOs.

Altidore spoke about this topic on his Twitter profile and during an interview with Vice Sports.

The declarations made by Altidore on UFOs are reported by

“I think it's crazy how people have not given weight to the images released by the government.

Now everyone is thinking about coronavirus, but they just told us that we are not alone.

There is something.

We were told that UFOs are seen flying around.

But nobody is interested now.

That's why I wanted to spread the news on my Twitter profile.

So people would have seen. However, I don't know what to think. Hell, those pilots filmed something … ".

Over the course of his long career, Altidore has played in Europe and America scoring a total of 138 goals in 365 games.

With the USA he scored 42 goals in 115 games.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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