Jordi Cardoner has coronavirus, he is the vice president of Barcelona

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – Jordi Cardoner, Barcelona vice president, tested positive for coronavirus.

Cardoner is not the first coronavirus case for Barcelona . The first, in chronological order, was Ramon Canal, head of health for the Catalan club; the second is the head of the medical services of the handball section, Josep Antoni Gutiérrez .

This is because Barcelona, ​​like Real Madrid and other Spanish clubs, is a sports club. Athletes from all sections, including football, train in the same sports center.

Coronavirus, maximum alert for both Barcelona and Real Madrid.

In Real Madrid there is currently only one case, it is a player of the blancos basketball team. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona players have been placed in a state of preventive quarantine.

At the moment, no Real Madrid and Barcelona player is positive for the coronavirus, but the alert remains high because in Spain there are many infections and the death toll in China has been exceeded.

Lionel Messi wanted to take the field against the coronavirus emergency. According to reports from 'As', the Argentine donated one million euros to a hospital in Barcelona – the city where he has lived for thirteen years – and to another in Argentina.

With this financial aid, the two hospitals will be able to acquire materials needed to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic. Spain is one of the most affected nations (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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