Jordan Sinnott died 25 years before the game, a serious mourning for English football

Jordan Sinnott  è morto a 25 anni prima della partita, grave lutto per il calcio inglese

Jordan Sinnott in a freeze frame from YouTube. He died suddenly at the age of 25 before a football game

HALIFAX (ENGLAND) – Mourning for English football . Jordan Sinnott, player of the Halifax Town Football Club, died at the age of 25. The footballer died within hours of his team's game for reasons yet to be ascertained. The announcement was made by Halifax Town Football Club itself through the following press note:

"We must communicate terrible news to you – reads the post published on Twitter -. Our player Jordan Sinnott is dead. The circumstances of the tragedy are unclear and we feel it is right not to add anything else in respect of Jordan's family. Our dearest condolences go to his dear ones in this extremely difficult moment ”.

Jordan Sinnott is dead, the president of Alfreton Town has postponed the game of his team.

Jordan Sinnott was also remembered with emotion by Wayne Bradley, president of his former team, Alfreton Town. Bradley decided to postpone his team's game because he and Sinnott's former teammates were appalled by the news of his sudden demise.

"I apologize to everyone – explained Wayne Bradley, president of Alfreton Town on social networks -. The details of what happened will be made known in due course. Life has the ability to overcome even the toughest tests but this is not a day to play football "(source

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