Johanna Konta argues with a journalist at Wimbledon: “Question disrespectful” VIDEO

Johanna Konta litiga con giornalista a Wimbledon: "Domanda irrispettosa" VIDEO

Johanna Konta argues with journalist at the press conference after her defeat at Wimbledon (from YouTube)

WIMBLEDON – Johanna Konta, a favorite of Wimbledon fans, was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Barbora Strýcová with the results of 7-6 (7-5) and 6-1. In the classic press conference after the game, Konta had a fight with a journalist who had pointed out, citing statistics, the too many unforced errors committed during the just lost match. Konta reacted to the journalist by defining his disrespectful question.

Wimbledon, Johanna Konta eliminated. Serena Williams is not wrong.

If Johanna Konta comes out of Wimbledon angry and disappointed, Serena Williams makes no mistake and qualifies for the final where she will face Halep. Here are the statements made by Serena Williams.

"I can't say how I feel, I certainly didn't have much time to prepare for this tournament – the words of the younger Williams, favorite n.11 -. I live by the day, from game to game, even if it's the first time in Australia that I don't feel any pain. For me it is a strange situation, because I have never suffered major accidents in my career ”.

In the lower part of the board, victory as predicted by Simona Halep, the lowest seeded player left on the board (n.7) overcame the Chinese Shuai Zhang in two sets and then also won against Elina Svitolina in the semifinals qualifying for the final of Wimbledon where he will challenge Serena Williams.

The video from YouTube with the angry response of Johanna Konta towards the journalist who had asked for clarification on too many unforced errors committed in the key moments of the meeting that sanctioned her elimination from the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Recall that Serena Williams and Halep qualified for the Wimbledon 2019 finals. Below are pictures of the quarrel between Konta and the journalist at the press conference after his meeting.

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