Joao Maleck, soccer player overwhelms car with two spouses and kills them instantly VIDEO

YouTube Joao Maleck, calciatore ubriaco, travolge auto con due sposi e li uccide sul colpo

Joao Maleck, a drunken footballer, overwhelms cars with two spouses and kills them instantly (Instagram and YouTube images)

JALISCO – Bad news from Mexico. According to the Argentine online newspaper Infobae, junior footballer Joao Maleck Robles allegedly killed two spouses overwhelming their car while he was drunk (video from YouTube at the bottom of the article).

According to the reconstruction of the Argentine newspaper, Junior Joao Maleck Robles would have lost control of his car last Sunday, at 9 am, in the municipality of Zapopan, in Jalisco, Mexico.

Junior Joao Maleck Robles would have hit the car with the two spouses on board, putting an end to their lives. The police are trying to reconstruct the story starting from some videos posted by the player on Instagram.

Junior Joao Maleck Robles was back from a disco night he had documented on Instagram through the publication of some stories. From the videos it seems particularly euphoric.

The Mexican footballer would have swept away the two spouses who had joined in marriage on a civil ceremony on Friday and on Saturday with a religious ceremony.

Junior Joao Maleck Robles is a Mexican footballer who was born in Guadalajara on March 13th 1999. He trained in the youth squad between Guadalajara and Santos Laguna. At the youth sector level, he was considered a great talent and for this reason he also spent a period in the Porto youth sector in Portugal.

He then returned to Mexico to start his career as a professional footballer in the ranks of Santos Laguna. The Mexican club has armored him making him sign the first contract as a professional footballer.

After signing with the Mexican club, he started shooting on loan in Europe. In 2018, he returned to Porto, this time in the first team, and made his debut with the "dragons" jersey.

The following season, the one that has just ended, he moved to Seville, Spain. Junior Joao Maleck Robles did not find space in the first team and played the entire season with Sevilla B putting together three presences.

The video of the incident from Noticieros Televisiva's YouTube channel.

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