James Rodriguez-Napoli: agreement with the player, a close understanding with Real Madrid

James Rodriguez-Napoli, 10 milioni di euro di differenza tra domanda e offerta

James Rodriguez-Naples, 10 million euros of difference between supply and demand. Photo EPA / FRIEDEMANN VOGEL

NAPLES – Naples and Real Madrid have not yet reached an agreement to transfer James Rodriguez to Campania, but the parties are close, while there is total agreement with the Colombian footballer and his staff. James Rodriguez has already said yes to Carlo Ancelotti but to see him in Naples there is to wait for the final agreement between the two clubs.

James Rodriguez is leaving Real Madrid. The Spanish club had already turned it to Bayern Munich in the hope that the German club would redeem it but it didn't go that way. James Rodriguez has returned to the base and is now looking for another square to re-launch at the highest levels.

Napoli, interested for some time in James Rodriguez, presented a first offer of thirty million euros to Real Madrid. An offer deemed appropriate by the owner Aurelio De Laurentiis. Real Madrid is not of the same agreement as it wants to monetize as much as possible from the sale of the Colombian to throw itself headlong at Paul Pogba.

James Rodriguez is back from some negative seasons and the cost of his card has devalued over time. Real Madrid had bought it for a sum close to one hundred million euros but now the Colombian is worth half that.

As far as Real Madrid is aware of all this, it cannot let it go for less than 50 million euros. Now Naples must decide what to do. Aurelio De Laurentiis must understand if it is worth investing 50 million euros for James Rodriguez or if it is better to look for another player with the same technical characteristics. Napoli would like to pay it this way: immediately paying 10 million euros and then redeeming it the following summer, paying 40 more.

Carlo Ancelotti was very clear on the subject. The technician put his face in it, contacted Rodriguez in person to get his yes and was not willing to give up his purchase.

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