James Pallotta against Roman radio: “Three are bankrupt, six are left …”

James Pallotta contro le radio romane: "Tre sono in bancarotta, ne restano sei..."

James Pallotta against Roman radio stations: "Three are bankrupt, six are left …". Photo ANSA / ANGELO CARCONI

ROME – James Pallotta attacks Roman radio during the annual 'Sports Decision Maker' summit: «We produce seven hours of original video content. We also have our own television channel which has 6 million subscribers. We also bought a radio license because there are nine stations in Rome that speak only and exclusively about football and they would tell c … and all day. I got tired and that's why I bought a station. Three of these nine are bankrupt and now only 6 remain. "

Pallotta on the new stadium: "Nobody knows how long it took to build the Colosseum …".

Rome's new stadium as the Colosseum, and not just because it draws inspiration from it in design. From Miami, where he was a guest at the annual 'Sports Decision Maker' summit, James Pallotta quips about the time needed to build the plant that will be built in Tor di Valle.

"No one knows how long it took to build the Colosseum, but we are approaching" the words of the Giallorossi president, always waiting for news from the City for the green light to work.

The legal proceedings that first involved the builder Luca Parnasi and then the president of the Capitolina Assembly, Marcello De Vito, have slowed down the administrative process precisely near the approval of the variation to the Master Plan and of the urban planning convention.
Source Ansa.

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