Jacob Blake, the NBA starts again after two days of hiatus in protest against racism

The NBA season is safe. After two days of hiatus in protest against racism and against what happened to Jacob Blake, the players have decided to start over.

The NBA season is safe but yesterday it was at serious risk. The Bucks have decided not to take the field against the Magic in protest for what happened to Jacob Blake .

The Bucks initiative was welcomed by LeBron James, who in addition to being the strongest player is also one of the leaders of the NBA 'Black Lives Matter' movement, and so all the teams refused to take the field.

This sudden mutiny took NBA commissioner Adam Silver by surprise but the league could not help but take the side of the players.

So on the one hand he published a statement announcing that the matches had been postponed to the next few days, on the other hand he started talking with the mayor of the players in an attempt to resume playing as soon as possible.

The stars of basketball in Orlando to make politics.

The truth is, NBA players gathered in Orlando not so much to end the season as for political reasons.

The NBA has a wide media power because it is one of the most followed sports in the world and in America, so players from the beginning of the tournament do not miss an opportunity to send messages against racism with the cry of Black Lives Matter.

Before each game, players bow to the American anthem. During the competitions they wear customized tank tops with slogans against racism towards African Americans.

Without a doubt, the NBA is the most politicized league on the planet and in this situation the commissioner Adam Silver can only adapt by trying to appease the players as much as possible.

Yesterday, the fiercest were LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard, the stars of the two Los Angeles teams.

While the other players had accepted the NBA's proposal to start playing again, LeBron and Leonard were pushing for the final suspension of the season.

LeBron railed against Trump on social media, insulting him, and made it clear that these were not postponed but boycotted races.

Shortly after the NBA stars mutiny, baseball and soccer stars also decided to temporarily halt their leagues.

Back to basketball but we will see many more blatant protests.

Returning to basketball, the parties left in a rather stormy way yesterday but today the white smoke arrived for the resumption of the championship thanks to the great work of the players union led by Iguodala.

The agreement was reached in this way: the players will return to play but must be left free by the owners of their clubs and by the leaders of the NBA to protest on the pitch in every possible and imaginable way.

The season will also come to an end because it dances $ 1 billion in player salaries but from here to the end we will see some good ones. The Black Lives Matter movement is stronger and more compact than ever ( NBA source).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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