Ivo Pulcini, Lazio doctor: “I will not quarantine the whole team for a coronavirus positive”

ROME – Ivo Pulcini, a doctor from Lazio, lashes out against the health protocol to be followed for the Serie A teams .

According to Pulcini, a coronavirus- positive footballer must not imply the quarantine of the entire squad.

The declarations of the biancoceleste doctor to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli are reported by corrieredellosport.it.

“The CTS takes the honors, but it should also take the burden.

It should take into account the epidemiological curve and the current moment.

Athletes, from art. 42 of the Cura Italia decree, are equalized to employees and if infected, they are equalized to the injured.

As a doctor I have the right and professional competence to practice my profession and my responsibility.

If I decide, I take responsibility, if they decide, they take responsibility.

Quarantine 50 people in case there is only one infection is against the code of ethics .

A healthy person must be considered healthy and not sick.

They could get me off the doctors register.

I will do everything to assert my reasons and I will not quarantine a healthy subject.

If they impose something on me and I take responsibility, no, I'm not.

I don't see any difficulty.

Those who are well can play safely as before the coronavirus.

The contagion curve has gone down a lot and a seasonal epidemic that has a beginning and an end ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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