Italy-USA 1-0 highlights and report cards, Politano’s decisive goal in the 93rd minute

Italia-Usa 1-0 highlights e pagelle, gol decisivo di Politano al 93'

Italy-USA 1-0 highlights and report cards, Politano's decisive goal in the 93rd minute

GENK (BELGIUM) – Italy 1-0 , goal: Matteo Politano 93 '. Friendly match of preparation for the next international commitments of the two teams.

Italy salutes 2018 with a victory, but the goal remains a question of sorcerers. Not only because in order to overcome a fragile national USA the Politano network was served at 94 ': the 1-0 so' reached tells of a national team that wastes balls in the door, even with a striker like Lasagna. Three good balls on his left, all badly exploited.

And he was not the only one who had the short arm under the door. At the end of the game Mancini will be proud to consider his national team more 'ahead of expectations in the path of growth, and the evening in Belgium can draw some positive indication, apart from the' realization 'sterility. Senses and 'a very pleasant discovery blue, Verratti confirms finally lighthouse of the midfield. And the remote future began after an hour of play, with the debut of the first blue millenial.

A detail that the record has touched Kean, and not the expected Tonali. The coach, sent home to five of the eleven Azzurri of San Siro, builds an experimental Italy for the last year. In midfield with Barella and Verratti enters Sensi, not Tonali, and the choice gives reason to Mancini. In front of the goal is Lasagna, Berardi and Chiesa on the sides confirm the 4-3-3. Even the United States of the term 'Sarachan' is in the process of reconstruction after the failure to qualify for the World Cup; Weah jr. remains on the bench, in the second half there is space for Villafana, who became a prof with a reality show.

Italy also starts this time, but 93 'of continuous attacks confirm the diagnosis: a goal. Immediately Church launched in the area, his weak shot was rejected by Horvath. At 9 'the purple striker tries from outside with a wide right. It works very well Sensi in the position of play (and it is the real good news for the coach), natural the agreement with Berardi – companion to Sassuolo -: his launch in the 15 'the area, the attacker tows well but in race comes the advance of Moore to take away the time of the joke.

The US is never dangerous, the blue domain of midfield is absolute; the bands of Emerson and De Sciglio are however little exploited and before it is not concrete. Still Sensi fishing Bonucci in the penalty area (18 '), the weak right flaps on the goalkeeper. Then a lot of dribbles and two chances in the final: a nice left that Berardi prepares to perfection (38 ') and Hrovath removes from under the crossbar, then an own goal risked on the tight punishment of Verratti a breath from expiring.

Upon returning to the field the Italian of Germany Grifo replaces Chiesa. From his foot to the 7 'part a nice cross in the middle of the area, Verratti finds the right time of insertion but head crushes too high. Meanwhile, the referee Cakir has decided not to resort, for a fall of Berardi in the area, to the Var experienced for the first time by the UEFA, which now seriously thinks to insert the video support already 'the second round of the Champions in progress.

In slow motion would be to review even Lasagna, when in the 14 'in front of the door is made to block the clearest opportunity to network between his feet. In order to set the tone for the evening, then, after one hour of play, Moise Kean entered the pitch: he was the first born in 2000 to play with the blue shirt. The US even touches the lead with a header from Zimmerman, Sirigu is reactive and deflects for a corner. The episode shakes the Azzurri, we return to look for the goal.

The great thrust of Grifo from outside the area commits Hrovath in flight, then on corner Acerbi arrives late on the far post. Luck for Lasagna that the launch of Verratti the peschi, to feel the linesman, all alone in offside because 'the left is still on the goalkeeper (and the moviola would probably have said that it was not offside). Kean escapes to the left fast, from the bottom his left runs along the goal line.

The spell of the goal seems completed 6 'from the end, when left Lasagna shoots at the top an easy ball. Mancini already thinks about another 0-0, here is the fourth of recovery for Verratti's ball for Politano that from two meters spits inside the net. The blue bench jumps up as if it were an official match. Those of the qualification to Euro 2020 that the coach wants to win all, hoping that the spell has been defeated.

The Italy-US report cards 1-0

Italy beats US 1-0 (0-0) in a friendly match played in the Luminus arena, in Genk (Belgium). Italy (4-3-3): Sirigu 6.5, De Sciglio 6, Acerbi 6, Bonucci 6.5, Emerson 5.5, Barella 5.5 (31 'st Gagliardini sv), Sensi 7, Verratti 7, Chiesa 5.5 (1' st Grifo 6) , Lasagna 5 (42 'St Politano 7), Berardi 5.5 (17' St Kean 6.5). (12 Cragno, 22 Donnarumma, 3 G. Mancini, 4 Biraghi, 15 Rugani, 16 Tonali, 8 Pavoletti). All .: R. Mancini 6.

USA (3-5-2): Horvath 7, Carter-Vickers 6, Zimmermann 6.5, Long 6, Cannon 6 (31 'st Villafana sv), Delgado 6.5 (17' st Trapp 6), Adams 6, Acosta 6 (38 'St Gall sv), Moore 5 (17' st Wood 5), Pulisic 5.5 (38 'st Lletget sv), Sargent 5. (1 Guzan, 3 Miazga, 11 Weah, 16 Green). All .: Sarachan 6.

Referee: Cakir (Turkey) 6. Network: in st 49 'Politano. Ammonites: De Sciglio, Moore, Cannon, Acosta and Sensi for bankrupt. Angles: 5-3 for Italy. Recovery: 1 'and 4'. Spectators: around 15,000.

** THE GOL ** – 49 'st: Politano gives the victory to Italy with a shot to cross from close range, at the end of a good action combined and finished by Verratti.

The highlights of Italy-USA 1-0

Final whistle. Italy dominated the game but wasted a lot under the net and managed to score the network of success only at the last moment with Politano.

93 'Goal of Italy to the last thrust. Beautiful combination between Verratti and Politano aimed at the net by Inter attacker.

73 'Great play by Grifo. The number 10 of the Italian National team kicked with power but Horvath deflected for a corner with a great save.

58 'Bonucci has put on goal Kevin Lasagna with a good pass filtering but the Udinese striker has fired on Horvath.

45 'The first half ended on the score zero to zero. Church, Bonucci and Berardi were not precise at the door.

38 'Berardi touches a Eurogol. Left-footed from the edge of the United States penalty area and Horvath's miraculous save in a corner.

16 'Free kick for the Azzurri, Sensi's excellent cross for Bonucci who misses the American goalkeeper. Excellent chance for goals for the Italian National team.

8 'Assistant Domenico Berardi for Federico Chiesa who attempted the goal with a long-range shot but failed to frame the mirror of the United States.

3 'The first great scoring opportunity was created by Italy. Launch of De Sciglio for the Church that has passed the opposing defense in speed, he showed up in front of Horvath but failed to overcome the American goalkeeper hitting him on the body.

Official formations of the friendly match between Italy and the United States

Italy (4-3-3): Sirigu; De Sciglio, Acerbi, Bonucci, Emerson; Stretcher, Senses, Verratti; Church, Lasagna, Berardi. Ct: Mancini

Use (3-5-2): Horvath; Carter-Vickers, Zimmerman, Long; Cannon, Delgado, Adams, Acosta, Moore; Pulisic, Sargent. Ct: Sarachan

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