Italian Super Cup, Juventus with shirt with Arabic names and numbers

Supercoppa Italiana, Juventus con maglia con nomi e numeri in arabo

Italian Super Cup, Juventus with shirt with names and numbers in Arabic (from the Juventus website)

TURIN – On the occasion of the Italian Super Cup against Lazio in Riyadh, Juventus decided to pay tribute to Saudi Arabia with a special shirt with names and numbers in Arabic. This was announced by the Bianconeri through this press release published on its official website: "It will be a very special jersey, the one with which Juventus on Sunday in Riyadh will play the match against Lazio, to try to win the Italian Super Cup.

The bianconeri will in fact wear a jacket with the traditional Arabic calligraphy , designed in collaboration with the famous Saudi-Moroccan calligraphy artist, Shaker Kashgari .

The adidas uniform – in a limited edition – will have within each single number a traditional calligraphic arab drawing or that highlights the word Juventus, with the name of every single player written in Arabic or .

«With this choice – underlines Giorgio Ricci , Juventus Chief Revenue Officer – we want to pay tribute to a traditional art form. Thus, Juventus proves to be close to fans all over the world and once again wants to surprise with a single jersey, which also confirms the vocation to explore new communication territories . The collaboration with the great artist Shaker Kashgari , makes an important appointment like the Italian Super Cup even more special ».

Shaker Kashgari, on the other hand, tells how « Arab culture is rooted in pride and passion , the same that football teams, players and fans all over the world have. Calligraphy is one of the oldest traditions of our world , while football is playing an increasingly important role in society: this design unites the two aspects ".

Hurry up, because this is a real collector's item, which will be available in a limited edition on our Online Store (in a special edition with a box set), and only at the Stadium Megastore in Turin and at the Flagship Store in Milan ".

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