Inter, win the Europa League for glory and money: worth 25 million euros

If Inter were to win the Europa League , they would collect a total of 25 million euros (16 for the course plus 9 for participation in the European Super Cup).

Winning the Europa League does not even remotely bring you the same money as the Champions League but would guarantee Inter a not inconsiderable treasure of 25 million euros.

Thanks to their arrival in the final, the Nerazzurri have already pocketed 16 million euros. According to what was written by the Gazzetta dello Sport, in an article by Marco Iaria, this figure could reach 25 in case of success in the competition.

In fact, the club that triumphs in the Europa League has the right to challenge the winner of the Champions League in the European Super Cup. This attendance fee, for a single match, is worth 9 million euros.

But not only that, participating in the Super Cup would give Inter the opportunity to win another international trophy in a short time.

All this would restore international prestige to the Nerazzurri who have not managed to conquer anything in Europe since José Mourinho's treble.

Winning is not only about acquiring a winning mentality but also, if not above all, money and new sponsorships. The winning clubs enjoy greater recognition abroad and have the opportunity to earn new sponsorships that can have a considerable weight on their balance sheet (source La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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