Inter will not retire on May 18: “Inapplicable anti-Covid-19 protocol”. And it is not the only one

ROME – Doubts about the resumption of the Serie A football championship

Inter, according to what AdnKronos writes, will not go into retreat on Monday when collective training could begin.

The news was spread by sources inside the Nerazzurri club.

The Nerazzurri would not be in a position to apply the protocol that follows the indications of the Scientific Technical Committee.

Like Inter, there would be several other Serie A clubs that would have the same concerns.

Antonio Conte's team will therefore continue with individual training at the moment.

Yesterday, to express "perplexity" on the timing for the resumption of the championship was also the Assocalciatori led by the former Giallorossi Damiano Tommasi.

The concerns were related in particular to the security protocol that the FIGC has modified following the indications of the technical-scientific committee.

AIC yesterday held an in-depth meeting with the representatives of the Serie A teams.

"The concerns shared between us concern above all the timing of the resumption of the season".

“The hypothesis of the withdrawal for the creation of the 'Team Group' was evaluated and shared from the beginning. In the absence of certain dates for the resumption of the 2019/2020 championship, any assessment of the timing of its development appears premature ", reads the note at the end of the meeting

(source: AdnKronos).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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