Inter-Verona, Handanovic on Zaccagni: it is rigor

Rigore Inter Verona fallo Handanovic su Zaccagni c'è VIDEO YOUTUBE

Zaccagni down at San Siro, penalty for Verona (from YouTube)

MILAN – A single major episode of slow motion during the first portion of the game between Inter and Verona . Inter's defense was surprised by Zaccagni's offensive insertion. The Verona player showed up in front of Handanovic and tried to dribble it, the Inter goalkeeper tried not to touch him but in the end he hit him. The referee assigned the penalty to Verona without any hesitation.

The race director is so sure of his decision that he does not even consult the VAR. Even the protests from Inter players have not been excessive. From eleven meters, the former Roma midfielder Valerio Verre has not failed.

The video from YouTube with the episode from moviola that lit the first half of the match between Inter and Hellas Verona. Handanovic tries not to touch Zaccagni but in the end the contact is inevitable, just assign the shot from eleven meters to the guests.

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