Inter, the new ‘zig zag’ shirt does not appeal to fans: how many criticisms on social networks …

MILAN – Inter presented the new shirt for next season and it was certainly not a success (to put it mildly …).

Let's face it, this Nerazzurri 'zig zag' uniform has been harshly criticized by Inter fans on various social networks.

Some even threaten not to show up at the stage even in the event of a post coronavirus reopening. According to these protesters, the shirt lacks respect for the glorious Inter football tradition.

Below is a summary of these criticisms of Inter's new zigzag shirt.

“How to ruin the beauty of a historic shirt like that of Inter. Everyone expects the stadiums to reopen but if this is the shirt, none of us should show up in protest. The shirt is a sense of belonging, this does not seem the uniform of Inter. It has nothing to do with what is our historical tradition. "

But there are also some fans who spend a spear on behalf of society.

“The top of the club must not mind these protests on social media. Meanwhile, then it will be snapped up like all the other shirts. Not only will you buy it but you will have it signed by anyone, even by highly criticized footballers like Gagliardini. You are always the usual … ".

The video from YouTube with the official presentation of the new Inter shirt for next season.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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