Inter, Sebastiano Esposito: who is the 2002 class promoted by Conte in the first team

Inter Sebastiano Esposito chi è classe 2002 stregato Conte

Sebastiano Esposito from Inter (from YouTube)

MILAN – Sebastiano Esposito has bewitched Antonio Conte . The coach from Lecce has definitively promoted him to the first team despite having only 17 years since he is a 2002 class. The choice was taken a little out of conviction, a little out of necessity given that Alexis Sanchez has remedied a bad injury.

Esposito is the star of the youth sector of the Nerazzurri but also of the Italian National Youth teams as he has achieved the beauty of 23 goals in 33 games. He is a complete striker because he is 186 cm tall but he is also very fast and technically strong.

Below are the statements made by Antonio Conte to Ansa. "There was a lot of regret for Sanchez's injury on my part and the medical staff – he added during the conference on the eve of the Sassuolo race -. He had also begun to make a great contribution, now he must be good at getting up stronger than before. Sometimes some tiles can give opportunities and stimuli to make even more square and be more united. We must come out stronger from the misfortune ”.

"Many speak without knowing. It is a non-existent polemic ”. This was said by Inter coach Antonio Conte, commenting on the controversy over the decision not to grant Sebastiano Esposito to the under-17 national team for the World Cup category.

"Viscidi came here, the coordinator of the national youth teams, three weeks ago, I told him I was very happy to send him to the World Cup – he added during the conference on the eve of the Sassuolo race -. I told him 'I just hope nothing happens', he understood.
Esposito is an important prospect for the future but also for the present, I was going to let him play against Barcelona. He is absolutely ready. In misfortunes there are opportunities so let's see the glass half full ”.

Inter, Vieri: "I recommend to Esposito, look at the older ones and learn".

Here are the statements made by Vieri to "Gazzetta TV". His words are reported by

"Sensi? Let's hope it's nothing as bad as Sanchez, who will have to jump two or three months. It looks like a good Inter, as Conte says we have to continue each time. Try to win as many games as possible, then see you at the end. Juve is ahead of all, Inter and Napoli are there and fight for the Scudetto. Esposito? When I had Martins coming with us I told him to be quiet, look at the older ones and learn ".

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