Inter-run market, Milik more than Dybala. Icardi towards Naples

Calciomercato Inter Milik Dybala Icardi Napoli

Milik with the shirt of Napoli, could be the next transfer market shot by Inter (photo Ansa)

MILAN – At home, the transfer market exchanges are holding off to get rid of Mauro Icardi and to take a striker who is more functional to Antonio Conte's football idea. It must be said that the exchange between Icardi and Milik is on pole on that between Icardi and Dybala because relations between Inter and Juventus are very bad and despite having been talking for months about this transfer market operation they are still very far from an agreement.

Easier to reach an agreement between Naples and Inter with both clubs in a hurry to perfect this deal as the start of the season is upon us. In the end it is probable the landing of Icardi at Napoli with Milik and money at Inter. The parts are not far from an agreement.

As reported by Radio Kiss Kiss, which is the official broadcaster of the Campania club, Napoli would have won the yes of Icardi, who at first only wanted Juventus, and would be about to announce his purchase and that of the Mexican Lozano for a total of 122 million euros.

In short, Aurelio De Laurentiis is preparing to conclude the most expensive transfer market of his presidency to give his coach Carlo Ancelotti a team that is able to bring the scudetto back to Naples.

It is not just a desire to win, Aurelio De Laurentiis wants to show his old coach Maurizio Sarri that he is stronger. De Laurentiis, like the entire environment of Naples, has not digested the landing of his old coach on the bench of the rivals of all time and wants to do everything to do better than him and win the championship.

But from this year it is very likely that Napoli should not think only of Juventus but also of Inter. The Nerazzurri have hired Antonio Conte and are setting up a team to point to the Italian flag. We are facing a creepy championship fight.

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