Inter, Nainggolan away from retirement but will try to convince Conte in Asia

Inter, Nainggolan via dal ritiro ma proverà a convincere Conte in Asia

Radja Nainggolan with the Inter shirt. Photo EPA / GABRIELE PUTZU

MILAN – Radja Nainggolan wants to stay in Italy and will try to convince Antonio Conte to focus on him until the end. After a difficult acclimatization, with Nainggolan who wanted to stay at Roma, the Ninja would have decided to stay at Inter but Marotta let the world know that the former Giallorossi midfielder is no longer part of the Nerazzurri's technical project.

Radja Nainggolan took the shot without reacting badly. He hasn't written anything even on social networks, showing great maturity. Precisely for this reason it will not be treated in the same way as Mauro Icardi. While for the Argentine the Nerazzurri adventure is already over, and he only awaits his passage to another team, the Belgian midfielder will be summoned for the team's tour in Asia.

Here the former Roma midfielder will have the last chance to convince Antonio Conte to bet again on him. Inter excluded him from his technical project but was favorably impressed by the professionalism with which the Ninja accepted this decision. Thus, while Icardi was not called up for the Asian tour, he will be taken to Asia with the rest of the team and will try to re-enter the Nerazzurri's technical project.

The former Roma midfielder has technical characteristics that could be useful to Antonio Conte but he must totally eliminate his questionable behavior out of the field that has limited his career. Conte has decided to give him a chance and Nainggolan will try to make the most of it during the training and matches that the Nerazzurri will play in Asia.

Should the Belgian midfielder fail to convince Antonio Conte and his staff, he will seriously start thinking about his sale. For now, the only offer to the Nerazzurri is that of a Chinese club but Nainggolan would not like to move so far from Italy and the family.

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