Inter Milan with or without Handanovic? Conte: “I don’t speak …”

Inter-Milan con o senza Handanovic? Conte: "Non parlo..."

Antonio Conte spoke about Inter-Milan, not dissolving the doubts about Samir Handanovic's physical condition: "Talk to the doctors" (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Antonio Conte lights up the eve of the Milan Inter-Milan derby with the following words about Samir Handanovic. “How's Handanovic doing? For medical speeches there will be a report from the doctor. I don't like talking about injured people, there is a doctor and it is right to enter specifically in a specific way, possibly on certain situations. He is much more competent than I am. "

So the Inter coach Antonio Conte, in the press conference on the eve of the derby against Milan, replied on the conditions of Samir Handanovic after the injury to the little finger of his left hand.

Inter-Milan, Antonio Conte: "Eriksen needs time …".

"Eriksen needs some time to get into our game idea in both phases, but we're talking about an intelligent player, I'm happy to have him with us." It was the comment released by Antonio Conte, in the press conference on the eve of the derby against Milan.

“It has specific characteristics, if we took it it means that it can enter our game idea. We will work with him from an offensive and defensive point of view, because he enters a whole new world. In Italy there is more tacticism, abroad often they are not very fixated on some situations.
He is right that he has his time to get into our idea. " (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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