Inter Milan transfer market, Lautaro to Barcelona? The key is Coutinho

MILAN – Lautaro Martinez turns on the transfer market for Inter.

Barcelona wants it at all costs but to take it they will have to pay the 111 million euro rescission clause .

This is an important figure for Catalan society too.

So Barcelona will have to cash first and then launch the decisive assault on the Argentine attacker.

From this point of view, the sale of Philippe Coutinho is decisive.

The Brazilian arrived at Barcelona two years ago after a grueling negotiation with Liverpool.

While taking it, the Catalan company spent 160 million euros (120 fixed plus 20 bonuses).

It was one of the most wrong deals in football history.

Coutinho never managed to get into Barcelona because he didn't tune into Messi and shortly after he was loaned to Bayern Munich.

Due to his flop experience in Barcelona, ​​the value of Coutinho has fallen by a good 40 million euros.

Bayern borrowed it for just 8.5 million euros but if they want to redeem it they will have to spend 120 million euros.

In short, Coutinho no longer costs 160 million euros but 120 (a highly respectable figure …).

The problem with Barcelona is that Coutinho has not shone even in Munich and very rarely will be redeemed for that amount.

So the Blaugrana need to sell it elsewhere.

There is talk of Newcastle should the new rich Arab property really take over.

At the moment this transfer is only a hypothesis but Barcelona will have to give up the Brazilian to get to Lautaro Martinez.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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