Inter, Mayor Sala jokes with a fan: “Midfield? Play one between me and Agoumé “

Inter, il sindaco Sala scherza con un tifoso: "Centrocampo? Gioca uno tra me e Agoumé"

Inter, the curtain on Instagram between the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala and a Nerazzurri fan

MILAN – Social curtain between the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala and an Instagram user. The first citizen of Milan, published a photo just before playing soccer with friends. Within a few hours, he received a lot of comments, especially from Inter fans as he is a well-known Nerazzurri fan. One of them asked him to take the field in place of Borja Valero, a footballer who hasn't shone in the last few outings with the Nerazzurri shirt.

Mayor Sala did not evade and replied to this user using the irony: "We are in a ballot me and Lucien Agoumé". With this joke, Sala has really proven to be a doc Interista since he mentioned a little known footballer. Lucien Agoumé is a young midfielder, born in 2002, who joined Inter from the French side of Sochaux. Agoumé has not yet managed to make his first team debut but has already racked up some excellent performances with the Inter Primavera shirt.

In any case, the teasing against Borja Valero brought luck to the Spanish midfielder as he unlocked the postponement of Serie A between Fiorentina and Inter. Borja Valero dribbled an opponent and beat the purple keeper at the near post. After the goal, he didn't rejoice in his respect for his old fans.

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