Inter Market Transfer, Wanda Nara on Perisic: “Goodbye? Maybe there are personal problems “

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Inter Market Transfer, Wanda Nara on Perisic: "Goodbye? Maybe there are personal problems "

ROME – "The farewell of Perisic? Perhaps there are also personal problems ". So Wanda Nara spoke about the thorny cases of the Inter market at Tiki Taka. Inevitably a passage on the status of the renewal of her husband, Mauro Icardi : "We have not talked about figures, Inter now has other priorities. Mauro is the captain: he always says he wants to leave the protagonism aside, he wants to help the team. I like Marotta, I think she is a sincere person and today she showed it. It's what we need, in football there is hypocrisy, he tells you the truth and in this world we are not used to it ".

Meanwhile, the Croatian seems closer to Arsenal. After the words of Marotta who in fact confirmed that the Croatian is destined to leave the Nerazzurri already in this market session, from England comes the news that today, January 28, there will be new contacts between the two clubs to seek an agreement : the Gunners have proposed a loan of 5 million plus 40 redemption, the Nerazzurri want the obligation.

Marotta does not want to get to the arm wrestling and will do anything to please the Croatian, but there are the accounts to make ends meet and economic values ​​to be respected. In short, free to leave where you want but to the conditions dictated by the company.

The Inter wants the obligation or alternatively a loan so burdensome to make the redemption automatic, the Gunners are firm to the right of redemption. Positions that both have their own because, but currently irreconcilable. In fact, at home in London, we want to put the player to the test, back from a first half of the undertone.

Marotta looks around and has blocked Ferreira Carrasco . An operation that could be facilitated by the inclusion in the negotiation of Antonio Candreva, who likes the Dalian Yifang, the Chinese club that holds the Belgian wing card.

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