Inter, Lukaku replies to Ibrahimovic: “There is a new king in the city”

Inter, Lukaku risponde a Ibrahimovic: "C'è un nuovo re in città"

Inter, Romelu Lukaku celebrates victory in the derby on Instagram: "There is a new king in town"

MILAN – Lukaku took his revenge in the most important game of the season. In reality, Ibrahimovic also played very well, but the Inter striker scored the net that definitively closed the games on the score of four by two for the team coached by Antonio Conte. Shortly after the game, the Belgian center forward updated his Instagram profile by writing "There is a new king in town". The arrow to Ibrahimovic is evident.

Inter, Lukaku had marked an old interview by Ibrahimovic on his finger.

Lukaku's post is not just a celebration for the derby he just won, the Belgian striker responded to an old interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport where Ibrahimovic called it not exceptional from a technical point of view. Here is what Ibra declared to the Rosea.

“For Mauro the numbers speak, however I have a weakness for those who make the deck for their teammates. Su Romelu, I say this: don't expect amazing things at a technical level, his best weapon is strength. Of course, if he had listened to me … ". "At United we made a bet:" I'll give you 50 pounds for each stop right. "

He: "And if you hit them all, what will you give me?" "Nothing, I just make you a better player!". For the record, he never accepted. Maybe he was afraid of losing. Seriously, Lukaku is like this: he has a mad desire to split the world. It will also be good for Inter. "

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