Inter, Keita Balde excluded from the National team for a wrong email

Inter, Keita Balde escluso dalla Nazionale per una email sbagliata

Inter, Keita Balde excluded from the national team for a wrong EPA / JULIEN WARNAND email

MILAN – All the fault of an email. Keita Balde was excluded from the national team of Senegal for a mistake by the African federation that sent the email to a wrong address.

When Senegal realized that he had made this mistake, he started a telephone contact with Inter but now the deadlines set by FIFA had expired to include Keita Balde in the official list of those called up for the Africa Cup qualification match between Senegal and the Guina.

Augustin Senghor, president of the Football Association of Senegal, called Keita Balde and Inter to apologize for this misunderstanding. Keita Balde is disappointed not to be able to play with his national team but Inter are happy to have the player available in Milan and to train him ahead of the Nerazzurri team's upcoming commitments.

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