Inter-Juventus 2018 is still a case: “Orsato audio disappeared on Pjanic”

MILAN – Two years later, he still discusses 2018 Inter-Juventus , a match won by the Bianconeri with Higuain's goal in the photo finish .

The controversy was rekindled by Giuseppe Pecoraro , former head of the FIGC Federal Prosecutor , during an interview with Il Mattino.

Pecoraro's declarations are reported by

“It was the direction of Orsato of Inter-Juventus that led me to have tensions with the refereeing world.

I had exhibited, undersigned, associations, fans, organizations on his work and to make no mistake I asked my deputies if it was appropriate to open a proceeding or not.

I don't think we would have found evidence of bad faith and I asked the Hague first and then the League, for information purposes only, the audio-video dialogues between Var and the referee of that match.

They gave it to us only at the beginning of the next championship.

But there was the surprise.

We open the file and the only episode in which there is no audio recorded was the only one that mattered to us: the one between Orsato and the Var that had led to the failure to expel Pjanic.

Reason? They told me it wasn't there.

I am sure there was no malice, but I was forced to proceed, also because I had to give answers to those exposed.

In the end I filed.

And that's why there is a need for greater transparency. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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