Inter, Handanovic injury: the goalkeeper could miss the derby

Inter, infortunio Handanovic: il portiere potrebbe saltare il derby

Samir Handanovic missed Udinese – Inter because of an injury. The derby against Milan could also be skipped (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Bad tile for Inter in view of next weekend's derby. Handanovic, who missed Udinese-Inter because of an injury, risks missing against Milan too. Samir Handanovic underwent an X-ray examination following a trauma to his left hand immediately in training.

The investigations revealed an infringement on the fifth finger. His conditions will be assessed day after day.

Yesterday Handanovic, was replaced very well by the deputy Padelli. On the bench was not Berni, who is disqualified, but the young Stankovic, son of the former Nerazzurri midfielder Dejan and goalkeeper of Inter's Primavera.

Lukaku scores and Padelli para, Inter ok in Udine even without Handanovic and Lautaro.

The match. Lukaku lights up in the second half and drags Inter to victory on the Udinese pitch. These are three decisive points that allow the Nerazzurri to keep Juventus in their sights. The race is decided in the second half. Effect of the changes wanted by Conte to break the inertia of the first half and exploit the strength of the Nerazzurri forward. Lukaku first unlocks the game with a left that mocks the Juventus defense. Then he doubles, transforming the penalty brought by the ex-round Sanchez into fluency, falling foully in the area by Musso.

Nothing to say. Udinese bow after a first half fought head-on, but with a huge expenditure of energy. Two mirror teams. Udinese and Inter face each other with an exactly mirror form. The race starts immediately. Inter plays and immediately touches the advantage with a hand of the young Esposito, chosen by Conte to act as shoulder to Lukaku in place of the disqualified Lautaro.

His shot from outside forces Musso to the parade in two stages and to a save in corner when the time trial still does not mark even one minute of play. Vecino tries again at 19 ', deflecting with the knee on the bottom, a cross from the right of Moses. Udinese play their game, careful in defense and very fast on the counterattack. Able to collect at least three occasions, which he is unable to realize.

At 10 'Padelli engages with a right by De Paul, raised above the crossbar, and at 28' retries with a shot by Fofana from distance, deflected for a corner. Time 10 'and Inter still risks with a percussion of Sema who, on the left, gets rid of Moses and crosses in the area. Padelli intervenes decisively by anticipating Okaka. The ball remains in the area and lands on the feet of Stryger Larsen who kicks in the mirror of the door, walled by Young.

The result does not unlock and shooting starts again as a faithful copy of the first half. With Inter immediately looking for the goal. It is the 2nd when the first conclusion of the recovery materializes. Shoot by Young. Musso rejects but does not hold back.

Esposito wastes. Conte soon played the double change with Brozovic and Sanchez for Eriksen and Esposito. Inter grow to the advantage at 19 '. Barella serves the assist in the area for Lukaku who adjusts the ball and with his left foot kicks under the legs of Nuytinck, piercing the Juventus goal. The race changes its face.

Udinese drops visibly, paying the energy spent and the Nerazzurri go very close to doubling in the 23 'with a cross shot by Sanchez deflected by Nuytinck. The ball touches the post and ends up on Lukaku's feet. Musso opposes, before Vecino sends to the bottom. It's just a matter of time. Sanchez wins a rebound and flies into the area. Musso leaves late and extends the Nino 'Maravilla'. It is a clear penalty that Lukaku transforms, displacing the goalkeeper for the definitive 2 to 0 (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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