Inter, Fiorello apologizes to Lukaku: “I was wrong about him”. Then the curtain with Sinner on the derby

Inter, Fiorello si scusa con Lukaku: "Mi sbagliavo sul suo conto". Poi il siparietto con Sinner sul derby

Fiorello joked with Sinner about the derby between Inter and Milan and apologized to Lukaku: "With him, I was wrong …"

BORDIGHERA – Amazing curtain between Fiorello and Sinner on the sidelines of the friendly tennis match between the showman, engaged in the Sanremo Festival, and the new hope of the Italian national team. Fiorello is a well-known Inter fan while the young tennis player is cheering for Milan. Their meeting, a few days after the Milan derby, sparked the social debate between the supporters of the two teams.

Abysmal distance between Inter and Milan but Fiorello doesn't trust: "In the derby everything is possible …".

Fiorello does not trust Milan despite the fact that the Rossoneri are playing a much lower league than the Nerazzurri. His statements are reported in the Gazzetta dello Sport:

“In the derby you can never make a prediction, it will be a difficult game, because many factors come into play: cheering, flags, rivalry. Anything can happen. But I don't deny that Inter are making me happy this year and above all I owe my apologies to one of our players. When Lukaku arrived, in fact, I had a crooked nose, it didn't seem like much to me. Well, it made me change my mind, I recite the mea culpa ".

Sinner admits the difficulties of his favorite team but places great trust in Ibrahimovic: “I admit it, so far Milan have disappointed me and in the derby I see Inter as favorite. But Ibra is a player who can change a game, let's hope you spread the cards. But I am convinced that the challenge will only be good for us if Inter make us some gifts. "

Source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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