Inter fans furious with Icardi after Instagram letter: “If you are a man, come to Cagliari”

Tifosi Inter furiosi con Icardi dopo post Instagram: "Se sei uomo, vieni a Cagliari"

Inter fans furious with Icardi after Instagram post: "If you are a man, come to Cagliari"

MILAN – Mauro Icardi's last post on Instagram, just a few hours away from the Cagliari-Inter match, unleashed the Nerazzurri fans on social networks. According to the fans, Icardi is not a true captain because he does not think of the team and destabilizes them with these social utterances that are not authorized by the Nerazzurri company. Icardi asked for respect when talking about his love for the Inter shirt but according to the fans his exit was out of place because he arrived a few hours from a very important match.

Inter fans criticize Icardi on social media

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 # MI9

A post shared by Mauro Icardi – MI9 (@mauroicardi) on:

"#Icardi the Christmas letter is made in December, cmq you convinced me. Now I wait for the letter of #Marotta. Will he make me change my mind? #INTER "
"I see from the many I like the team at the post of #Icardi that all the pink Nerazzurri is ready to welcome him back. Yes, yes…..
One thing you have to write, and as big as a house … "SCUSA".
#WandaNara #fcim #inter "
"But why? Is there anyone who really wants #Icardi in the field yet? This Icardi? For me he can stay home until the end of the season "
"From an imaginary patient to a comedian …! Dear bomber bomber I know that we are really at the head line and, alas, the hole you dug yourself. Thank you for all you did until December 2018 but @ Inter is something else and it does not work anymore. #Icardi #lettera "
"#Icards if you really love the # Inter do not behave like that.
A real example of a shirt and color is #zanetti.
The real #capitano.
#CagliariInter "

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