Inter does not raise an offer for Barella, Cagliari wants to sell it to Rome

Inter non alza offerta per Barella, Cagliari vuole cederlo alla Roma

Inter does not raise an offer for Barella, Cagliari wants to sell it to Rome. Photo ANSA / FABIO MURRU

MILAN – These are decisive days for Nicolò Barella's future. Inter, which has long moved to secure the Cagliari midfielder, would not be willing to raise the offer by about 35 million euros plus a loan from two young men. Tomorrow Ad Beppe Marotta could speak directly with the president of Cagliari Giulini at the League meeting to understand the position of the Sardinian club after the inclusion of the Roma who put 35 million on the plate and the Defrel card.

At present, however, Inter is not willing to play upside and to be decisive is the will of the same player. He will push the negotiation in favor of one team or another (source Ansa).

Barella is a great fan of Cagliari. Most likely he will adapt to the decision made by his club. He will go to the best destination for his company. At the moment it is the Roma because the offer of the Giallorossi is higher than that of the Nerazzurri and also includes the inclusion of Defrel who is a football player who very much likes Cagliari.

Giving up Barella to Rome is a real bargain for the Sardinians. Thirty-five million euros would enter and a level striker like Defrel would come.

Inter was sure to take it because he had found an agreement with the player's agent. The Nerazzurri were aiming hard at the player's yes, but they didn't come to terms with Cagliari.

The Sardinian company did not like the behavior of the Nerazzurri. Inter have climbed over Cagliari and then put it with their backs to the wall after tearing off the player's ok. A legitimate but certainly not very elegant strategy. Cagliari did not take it well and worked in silence to "make it pay" to Inter.

So the Sardinians, who were strongly interested in a striker of Defrel's value, found an agreement with Roma for Barella's transfer to Giallorossi. The agreement was reached on the basis of the thirty-five million euros at Cagliari plus the Defrel card, striker coming from an extraordinary season in the ranks of Sampdoria.

Barella has the agreement with Inter but at the same time does not disdain Rome as a destination to continue growing in a big city and in a high-class club. The Italian midfielder took for granted the imminent agreement between Inter and Cagliari because the Nerazzurri had promoted him. And it didn't happen that way.

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