Inter, Conte: “Transfer market? I don’t talk about it anymore but everything has a consequence … “

Inter, Conte: "Calciomercato? Non ne parlo più ma tutto ha una conseguenza..."

Inter, Antonio Conte in the photo Ansa

MILAN – Antonio Conte polemic to Sky Sport's microphones. In the post game of Lecce-Inter, the game ended on the result of one by one, the Nerazzurri coach spoke about the transfer market in a sibylline manner: “I don't speak any more about the transfer market because otherwise the press exploits me at will. It is up to society to decide but not to do it, or to do it downwards has consequences … ".

“When we don't go to two hundred an hour we become vulnerable. When we have undertone players, our team's level goes down. However with all these corner kicks, we should have won anyway. We continuously study the balls still, I expected more. Are the players undertone? What should I tell you, it can happen. We always play at speed, a little tiredness is also physiological.

Only if we don't play at two hundred an hour, we become a normal team … When we play in rhythm, we struggle against teams that are closed in a hedgehog in defense. So we had to push faster. Or we had to kick the net with greater malice. In the first part of the championship, we were perfect because we always went at two hundred an hour. If we go at cruising speed, we don't have the qualities necessary to bring home the victory.

I no longer say anything about the transfer market, otherwise the press exploits me at will. We have to work, we leave the transfer market to the company that is making its assessments. I am happy with the players that I have, I no longer enter the transfer market talks, because otherwise I am exploited. That the company decides, I only say that everything has a consequence. Making a savings market, or not doing it right, has a consequence … ".

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