Inter, Conte and the outburst at the end of the game: “Little protection from the club”. Will it be divorce?

Inter, Conte and the outburst at the end of the game: "Little protection from the club". Will it be divorce ?.

Antonio Conte wins in Bergamo, places his Inter in second place at only one point from Juventus and then, after the game, vents against the club:

“Once the Europa League is over – Conte tells DAZN – we will do the evaluations for the next season. I will make my evaluations, the company his.

Technical evaluations? No, in general, in everything ”.

Conte becomes even more explicit to Sky Sport:

“For us it was a very hard and difficult year in all respects, including personal ones. As soon as possible, many criticisms were made.

I didn't like what was done towards these guys and sometimes towards me. The boys' work was not recognized, my work was not recognized, I found very little protection from the club. Absolute zero.

There will also be talk to the president, but the president is in China … I don't like it when people get on the cart, there must be both positive and negative moments, it wasn't like that here at Inter, I'm sorry to say .

Today I saw so many people getting on the wagon that should not get on, when instead the shovel shovels took me and the players. Everyone tried to grow their own vegetable garden. I always put my face in front of everyone, but up to a certain point, because one is not stupid. Lightning rod one does it the first year, the second does not … ". Will it be divorce? (Sources: DAZN, Sky Sport, Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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